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Monitoring systems

The eComo System is the heart of the monitoring and control system. The CPU and software work in tandem, encompassing the processing unit (where all the information from sensors is managed and where the communication module is integrated) and the online control platform.

System architecture

The sensors measuring the parameters to monitor, are connected to the central processing unit eComo03. It supports both digital and analogue sensors (including specific inputs for thermocouples). One or more video cameras can also be connected as an option. It provides digital outputs to connect light or acoustic devices or control any actuator. Although NIHON KASETSU supplies a wide range of preconfigured sensors and actuators, the eComo03 can also work with any other sensor on the market.
Readings are taken at a rate of one per second, and the average value calculated and sent via LAN, Wi-Fi or SIM up to 4G. The data stored can also be extracted in-situ using USB memory. The communications module sends the data at configurable time intervals to remote secure KASETSU NIHON servers in encrypted information packets.