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Monitoring systems

Administrator Platform
Through the online Administrator platform, authorized user can control a fleet of eComo devices, plus sensors, actuators and cameras associated with them, from a single application. Among its main functions are:
Registering devices, users and establishing access privileges to the eComo System.
Selecting the sensors connected to each eComo03 from the “Plug&Play” sensors list preset in the system.
Manual configuration of any sensor needing to be connected. *
Configuring cameras and the intervals at which images are sent.
Setting event alarms, e.g. limit values or status changes in digital inputs.
Establishing working timetables.
Modifying the appearance of online user platforms.
* Any commercial sensor can be configured manually with its specific parameters.
User Platform
From the online User platform, users can view and use the data from one or more eComo devices from any computer or mobile device. Among its main functions are:
Displaying the latest reading or consulting historical measurements.
Displaying graphs.
Exporting data in different formats.
Alarm log.
Sending e-mail notifications of certain events.
Displaying camera images.
Secure encrypted data packing developed by Nihon Kasetsu
Secure connection for the admin and user platform