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Water Treatment


Wastewater contains suspended particles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, densities and composition. Many chemical and microbiological contaminants found in wastewater are absorbed or incorporated into the solid particles. Therefore the efficient removal of suspended solids is essential for the treatment and recycling of waste and industrial water.
At NIHON KASETSU, in addition to our innovative, naturally occurring, inorganic flocculant, we have developed compact and light water treatment equipment that offers high efficiency and performance, while being extremely environmentally friendly. It can be installed almost anywhere and is very easy to assemble and operate.
The NIHON KASETSU equipment is used to treat a wide range of wastewater in sectors such as industry, construction and mining.


The NIHON KASETSU flocculant is inorganic and 100% natural, ensuring optimal performance and freedom from environmental hazards.