50 years of passion for excellence

NIHON KASETSU CORPORATION was founded in 1967 in Sapporo, the capital of the Hokkaido Prefecture, in northern Japan.

Originally, our main business was selling machinery and auxiliary systems for construction, and within two decades we had become a leader in the industry in Japan. Our success is based not only on providing the best equipment on the market, but in providing exceptional service and developing the unique technical solutions provided by our own engineering department. The valuable experience we have gained at NIHON KASETSU means we remain a leader in the development of customised formwork systems for individual projects.

From the 1990s, the company began to diversify into other sectors, such as industry, while enhancing the development of its own products. Today, thanks to the accumulated knowledge in our almost 50-year history, NIHON KASETSU is an expert in various solutions and particular product lines:

  • Monitoring and Control Systems.
  • Water Treatment Systems.

NIHON KASETSU is currently in the process of international expansion. Since 2014, the European headquarters NIHON KASETSU EUROPE is launching its products in the international markets of America and Europe, reaching collaboration and distribution agreements with leading companies in each country.

Technology, quality, reliability and service are just some of the qualities that characterise NIHON KASETSU. The constant pursuit of excellence, beyond mere customer satisfaction, has been the essence of NIHON KASETSU from its origins:

We love what we do, we seek excellence… and we are never satisfied.