eComo 04 Compact

The eComo04 Compact is the central processing unit in the eComo System assembly. It receives and processes signals from sensors, shows the real-time data on an LCD display and connects the information with servers and online administrator and user platforms.

It is made entirely in Japan, with all electronic components from premium Japanese, American and European brands.

The housing is of high resistance plastic with IP66 protection, and can be installed outdoors and in any working environment. All inputs, outputs and external connections are through high quality waterproof metal connectors.

Inside are the power module (for connection to a power distribution network of 100-240 V AC at 50-60 Hz, or a 12V DC solar power system), the processing module (which processes the information captured by sensors and manages their delivery) and the communication module (responsible for communicating with the outside world by sending and receiving information by telephone or Wi-Fi).


Power Supply
Nominal Power CPU Consumption 14 W
Power Consumption depending on the sensors 5 ÷ 60 W
Power Supply mode electrical grid / solar panel
Electric Distribution Power Supply 100 ÷ 230 VAC
Solar Panel Supply 12 VDC
Nominal Current 4,5 A
Peak Current 5,4 A
Analog inputs
Ports number 2 per module
Sampling Frequency 1 (max.) Hz
Maximun Input Voltage ±6  / ±12 VDC
ADC Bit Depth 24 Bit
Analog ports power supply*
Output 24 VDC
Maximun load current 400 mA
Ripple voltage level 100 mVp-p
Output 12 VDC
Maximun load current 500 mA
Ripple voltage level 150 mVp-p
Output 9 VDC
Maximun load current 900 mA
Ripple voltage level 75 mVp-p
Output 6 VDC
Maximun load current 1.350 mA
Ripple voltage level 200 mVp-p
Type T thermocouple ports 4
Sampling Frequency 1 (max.) Hz
Maximun Input Voltage 2,5 VDC
ADC Bit Depth 24 Bit
Temperature range -40ºC a +150ºC
Precision ±0,25 ºC
Digital Inputs
Connectors 2 per model
H level Voltage 3,3 ÷ 12 VDC
L lever Voltage 0 ÷ 1,2 VDC
Maximun input current 50 mA
Digital outputs
Connectors 2 per model
H level Voltage 32 max VDC
L lever Voltage 0 VDC
Maximun current 2 A
Additional Power supply
Connectors 2 per model
Voltage 12 VDC
Maximun current * 500 mA
Ripple voltage 150 mVp-p
RJ 45 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T 1
Dimensions 360 x 285 x 185 mm
Weight 6,8 Kg
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature -30 ÷ 70 ºC
Storage conditions -40 ÷ 85 ºC
Humidity 90%RH @ 60ºC
IP 66

* The maximun current can be limited by the battery status in the solar panel power supply mode.