Complete solar kits ready to plug and use

Several configurations of high-performance solar kits, adapted to different solar radiation conditions.

Maintenance-free technology, plug&play, including all the components (cables, connectors, etc.) ready to connect to the eComo Monitoring System.

Solar photovoltaic panels with high-quality & high performance silicon crystalline solar PV modules. Corrosion resistant with extra protected cells embedded in transparent EVA and covered by hardened protective glass.

Totally Maintenance-Free 12V Solar Batteries. Rugged durability, outstanding performance and long battery life (Design life 10 years floating).

Very safe, fully insulated 12V battery design to ensure touch protection, with control valve for each cell and ultra container ABS (UL94-HB), ADR/RID (Road and Rail Transport), IMDG Code (Sea Transport), and FAA and IATA (Air Transport) approved. According to standards DIN 43539-T5 (deep discharge), IEC61427-2005 and IEC60896-21/22-2004.