Light signals for ambient parameters

Sensors to measure ambient parameters related with comfort and potential health risks. Use this sensor as a powerful tool to control and take caring actions in sensitive areas.


CO2 concentration is the best indicator to know when it is advisable to ventilate a room, and thus reduce the risk of spreading COVID and other aerosol transmitted diseases. The indoor air quality also influences occupants cognitive functions and consequently their learning and work performance.

Heatstroke risk

Heatstroke is the most serious heatrelated illness. It occurs because the body cannot lose heat rapidly enough in conditions of extreme heat, and may cause serious injuries in the body, even the death. All this is preventable through the monitoring of temperature and humidity controlled by the right algorithms.


Airborne dust is well known to be associated with a wide range of occupational diseases and systemic intoxications. Knowing the dust concentration is the first step to manage dust exposure in the workplace and create a healthy and hazard-free environment for employees.