This centre cleans fishing instruments, such as seines, fish traps and other types of gear. The wastewater left after cleaning was stored in an underground tank which was emptied periodically by another company for processing. They decided to install NIHON KASETSU equipment to do their own water management and reduce operating costs.

First, the dirty water was extracted from the underground tank for temporary storage into 2 tanks. From there, the water was transferred to the NWC-60 equipment for treatment; the purified water was run off into a river and the sludge buried.

NWC-60 equipment

Pumping the dirty water from the tank

Raw water tanks

From the tanks to the treatment equipment

Running off the purified water into the river

Settling tank for the sludge, which was subsequently buried

Wastewater treatment process

The water turbidity was excessively high, up to 300.000 mg/L SS, due to the high concentration of organic components. River water had to be added to the collection tank to dilute the mixture to facilitate treatment and stop the pump from blocking.

Collection tank

Close-up of NWC-60 equipment primary coagulation tank

Close-up of NWC-60 equipment primary sedimentation tank

Close-up of NWC-60 equipment secondary sedimentation tank

Purified water outlet for discharging into the river

Cleaning the pump