Jobsite cameras provide that extra layer of control over the projects, and more and more companies use construction site cameras to provide a number of benefits, all aimed at improved project quality, project management, and project security.

Construction site security systems go far beyond theft and vandalism prevention. More importantly, construction site cameras will increase transparency and oversight by recording subcontractors’ activities and keeping track of building material delivery and placement.

Installing cameras in a jobsite has many advantages in two main areas: Project Execution and Risk Management.

Project execution

  • Allow team members to visually monitor progress in real-time on any device from anywhere, reducing site travel costs.
  • Keep stakeholders informed. Owners are able to gain information, track the progress without bothering project teams.
  • Manage subcontractors & milestones. More effective project meetings with project images from ground cameras, and close-up images.
  • Review images, annotate and then visually share project build issues with your project’s team for immediate resolution.
  • Simplify your workflows.
  • Manage costs and quality by effective use of technology.
  • Adhere to best practices in process and execution.

Risk Management

  • Do quality assurance checks to make sure project build procedures are in compliance.
  • Capture full video of safety incidents for review and process correction.
  • Automatically monitor restricted areas and receive real-time alerts to safety compliance issues.
  • As-built documentation automatically captured to support dispute resolution.
  • Monitor and receive alerts to on-site trespassing, help to deter theft and mitigate liability risk.
  • Automatic capture of detailed as-built weather conditions to support dispute resolution.

Whether your target is to reduce jobsite theft, ensure Health & Safety compliance, better management of projects from the road, or keep clients up-to-date with site progress time-lapse video, IP cameras delivers an optimal remote jobsite monitoring solution.

But when it comes to the construction site remote video surveillance, there are several common problems that might limit your selection of construction site security cameras.

It’s important to check out these features:

  • Waterproof: A building site security system needs to be rugged and waterproof, so as to withstand all the elements and survive on a small construction site.
  • Portable: Portable security cameras for construction sites can be easily broken down and moved to the next jobsite when the construction project is complete.
  • HD video quality: Construction site surveillance cameras of good video quality (at least 1080p) and night vision help keep tabs on the jobsite day and night, especially at night when construction theft frequently takes place.
  • Minimal wires: to minimize the risk of failures and maintenance
  • Easy remote access: Thanks to the construction site security camera systems with smartphone app, you can monitor the job process and check on the building site anytime and anywhere from your mobile devices.

Other features of construction site surveillance cameras, like optical zoom can capture small and vivid details, like license plate number to control vehicle access.

How much data will the camera use?

Main restriction when using a camera on a jobsite is the communication data volume. The measure of data being utilized by a surveillance camera can differ and it will be straightforwardly identified with its bitrate. The resolution, frame rate, image quality, and compression all affect the bit rate or bandwidth required. Hence, the Internet connection bandwidth play an important role.

IP cameras using a codec with high compression and low frame rates will result in live streaming data rates of between 100 kBit/s and 350 kBit/s. This means that if we take an average bandwidth of 200 kBit/s then the calculation for 1 hour of live video streaming / viewing will be roughly 3/4 of 1Gb. These are only estimates and depend on how much bandwidth you will use for live streaming and for downloading images and videos. The 3G or 4G router does not determine how much data you would use – it is only providing the internet connection and does not determine how that connection is used.

We recommend to use high resolution images or streaming only if connected to a broadband Internet access through a LAN or Wi-Fi network.

When using a SIM card it is better to set up the camera with low resolution images programmed at fixed lapse time (typically every 10 or 15 minutes) or linked to specific events (like the activation of a barrier or the pass of a vehicle).


Some useful tips on how to optimize a construction site security cameras system

  • Choose the weather-resistant and vandal-proof construction site security systems.
  • Determine carefully the best location for the camera to be installed, assuring the optimal view while guaranteeing a reliable support structure.
  • Use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) units to ensure power supply for construction site security camera systems.
  • Choose the right communication (SIM, LAN, WiFi, etc.) depending on the kind of use and data volume expected


The number of construction site thefts is on the rise especially job-site thefts of appliances, building materials, and copper. Remotely monitoring ongoing commercial construction or home remodelling project via construction site security cameras can reduce legwork for developers, homeowners, or contractors.

Jobsite security camera systems can also monitor project processes for safe practices and quality control, documenting accidents to support future construction improvements.

What’s more, having watchful eyes on the construction projects via building site security systems helps resolve disputes or labor conflicts if in possession of relevant video evidence.

NIHON KASETSU eComo Monitoring System allows seamless integration of IP cameras, managing the visualization and storage of images in our own secure data servers and online platforms. Log in to eComo User Online Platform from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) and it works just like any other website, so there’s no hassle with plugins or software to install.

We offer various cameras to fit your specific needs providing a system that can be deployed in minutes. The small size of the system means they can be mounted on existing light poles or fence lines to provide coverage in hard to reach areas.

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