The highlight of the Visual Sensing series is the translation of these complex environmental parameter levels into a simple color code, like a traffic light, of great projection and universal clarity.

In addition to lighting, the Visual Sensing series completes its interaction with the user by offering 2 new applications:

Visual App

Visual App collects data from Visual CO2, Visual Heat and Visual Dust

An intuitive application that allows you to view the real-time values ​​of nearby Visual Sensing beacons, identify them, view the collected data in graphs and download historical data. The app is available on both Android and iOS and has a choice of languages ​​covering English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Visual Display

Visual Display uses a wide-screen mode to show real-time values

For those applications that need an explicit numerical representation of the main value, the Visual Display shows the value in real time horizontally, making the most of the screen size.