Telemetry, monitoring and control systems are integrated electronics systems that use sensors to obtain information about certain parameters within a remote environment, for later viewing and analysis. Certain actions can then be automatically or manually performed based on this analysis.

Thus, Telemetry uses a network of sensors to perform measurements. Different types of sensors can be used to measure meteorological, environmental or process parameters: examples are temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, rain, water level, vibrations, material deformation, pollution, vehicle speed and foot traffic.

Monitoring is the recording of these values collected by the network sensors, displayed on a computer, smartphone or tablet interface. The data captured can then be processed to obtain statistics, graphs and queries, for example. This stage could be described as passive, as the data is being consulted without any actions being taken on the system.

Finally, after collecting and analysing the information from the environment, the Control systems perform actions remotely, and usually automatically, although manual operations are also possible. These actions are intended to bring the system parameters measured to certain pre-set values.NIHON KASETSU Monitoring