A NIHON KASETSU eComo04 Monitoring System was used to monitor diverse parameters in a plastic injection industry. Grupo PLASTIBERICA is an industry specializing in the manufacturing of plastic parts for the bedding sector. In its manufacturing facility in Spain they wanted to control de quality of the air, as well as the level of noise emissions.


To do that, they installed one Monitoring System NIHON KASETSU eComo04, equipped with environment temperature, CO2 concentration, dust particulate matter concentration (PM2.5 y PM10) and noise level.

eComo04 Monitoring System

Data where gathered during a period of time of 6 months. During all this time the production managers had real-time access to the readings and parameters through the online User Platform, in their mobile devices or personal computers.

The data obtained where used to confirm that all the parameter were within the safety standards for this kind of industry, and complying with local regulations. Nevertheless, the Management of the company decided to carry out an action plan to improve the air recirculation through the main manufacturing building during the periods of time with highest production. This way the comfort of the workers increased together with the productivity ratios.

eComo04 Monitoring System can be used both to guarantee the fulfilment of regulations, and to optimize processes. In this case, the Management of the industry first confirmed that its manufacturing facility was complying with regulations about air quality and noise exposure. On the other hand, with the information gathered, they could set up actions to improve its processes and productivity.

To take the right decisions, it is necessary to know the right data. NIHON KASETSU Monitoring is the best system to obtain data in the industry, be it to check the compliance with regulations, to optimize manufacturing processes, or to set up plans to energy efficiency improvement.