The NIHON KASETSU NWC-60 model used to treat the wastewater from the containment wall reinforcement works.
In this project, a pile driving machine drilled holes along a 30 metre slope and reinforced it with rebar and concrete. The water was used to cool the drill, and was flowing at certain points along the slope. A total of 500 tons of wastewater was purified in this project.

The wastewater generated went through 3 stages before entering the equipment. The first phase was a collection tank for the water, before passing through a pipe to a second tank. It was then stored in a tank at a level above the NWC-60 equipment.

After being treated, the clean water was run off into a nearby river and the sludge stored in another tank for subsequent transport to a landfill site.

First collection tank

Pipe conduit

Second collection tank

Raw water tank and NWC-60 treatment equipment

NWC-60 equipment

NWC-60 equipment and sludge removal tubing

NWC-60 equipment and sludge tank

Sludge tank

Wastewater treatment process

The level of the turbidity was 3000 NTU, giving a treatment capacity of 10m3/h.

Entry of raw water

First and second tanks

Treated water outlet

The process: first water tank, raw water tank and treated water